Thursday, 9 February 2012

Paradigm Shift in Hiring Candidates


Unemployment is a curse to the Indian society. As per the statistics 10.5% of youth (15-24 age) are unemployed. The youth is considered as the mobile force of a country's economy. But in spite of it the Indian youth is finding it hard to earn their living. The prime cause could be the vast population and the second "futile talent". The mass is full of talent but unfortunately unexplored. But, gladly there are certain global IT companies that cater to the needs of these youth.
A PMAM IT service is one such company which has designed an innovative platform which rewards the talent. PMAM-SmartSelect (, is an online service that is created with the view of finding exact jobs, match for one's skill set by showcasing one's depth of knowledge along with your proven credentials.
Job turnover generally tends to happen when one finds that one has not been able to identify the right match of job in terms of skill test. This mismatch is lessened to a great degree by the PMAM's scientific way of processing recruitment requirement .By joining PMAM'S SmartSelect one will experience a host of benefits that are aimed at providing one with productive and comprehensive job search. PMAM Smart Select has a series of certification tests that can be taken by candidates at any time to enhance the appeal of their resumes.
Employers only want to hire best talent for their companies and by showcasing one's knowledge levels one can certainly increase one's chance of being hired into a firm of one's choice. With PMAM's Smart select's certification test one will stand out by demonstrating one's knowledge and subject based skill levels. Research proves that candidates with the added benefit of certification tests always stand better chance of securing a job. These skill tests added to one's credentials will make it easier for potential employers to pick the profile among the many candidates applying for the job thus improving one's chances of landing that dream job in a short period of time.
PMAM SS is designed to be quicker, more accurate and more comprehensive than any other recruitment service. PMAM understands that time is of essence but quality is also equally important. PMAM Smart select is that one partner who can give the people support that will ease the overall burden of procedures and process during the recruitment cycle. As PMAM-SS is an internet based platform independent software .The candidate filtering system can accept a number of conditions that the employer might have for selecting candidates. This is complemented by the test scores and then, with the multi-stage drill down system one gets higher clarity and detail on candidate qualifications. The Smart select also has an automatic interview scheduler that makes the recruiting teams administrative tasks both hassle free and a great deal less time consuming.
Thus, Smart select acts as an interface between the candidates and employers helping each to achieve their goals.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Diptita Sengupta @ PMAM SmartSelect Team

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Coming Economic Downturn | Jobs & Salaries

Market has started giving stringent indications now of coming another economic downturn and it's effects on India Job market. From Junior level to senior jobs, everyone should be prepared & equipped.

Of course, many of HR (Hiring) would are now 
1. Freezing their positions, 
2. Slashing down the offer packages, 
3. Doing strict screening of candidates 
4. Reference Checks
5. Highly Cautious about the 'organizational fits' parameter.

From Candidates perspective, Candidate would have to prove their skill sets in a better and in a different fashion. They have to adopt systems which HRs are happily using it. Or probably, candidates has to come up with certain add-ons in their profiles, so that their profiles gains weight. They Stand out of crowd. 

Training, Certifications, Assessments is going to play a very crucial role in the above two perspectives. I'll be writing in detail on the above some of the interesting topics in my next write ups. 


Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Art of Seeking Out a Job

Searching for a job can be a job in itself, as many job seekers may well already know.  In this series we are going to explore what it takes to find the right position as well as landing that perfect job.   Even in a depressed job market as we are going through now you can still find your perfect job.  Companies are still hiring, just not at the rate they were in ’05, and Companies are still firing.  Also, don’t, forget that just because you worked in a certain industry your skills can and will carry over to other industries as well as other positions.

The first thing you might want to keep in mind when looking for a position is what exactly you want out of a job and where is your career headed.   Make a list of your ideal position: what type of job, what type of duties, what type of environment and most importantly what type of manager.  Too many people when faced with unemployment don’t look for what they want they look for what they think they can get, if you are doing this you are selling yourself short.  By making this list does this mean you are going to get that ideal job?  No, but you may just miss it by looking for the wrong position.

As you get further into making your”ideal job” list start to make an ideal company list.  I mean hey, why not shoot for the stars right?  Again, does this mean you’re going to land with the perfect company?  The answer to that is easy, it’s no but it will help you make a more educated decision when you are down the road in the final decision making process.   Are you looking for a Fortune 500 organization or do you work better in a >400 employee organization.  Really think about this it is important that you know what you want and where you think you be able to make the greatest impact and more importantly where you think you will be the happiest.

It may seem like a no brainer or a silly idea to make a list about your ideal job or ideal workplaces because you already know what you want, right, are you sure?  In the course of making this list you need to look at it, revise and think about it.    I think you might surprise yourself with the final product, I was.  


Monday, 4 April 2011

Why Should I Take a Test?

Our website for the job seeker is defiantly a new take on an old, or in terms of our technical age, old idea, job boards.  Here at PMAM Smart Select we have taken the idea of job search to a different level and that is to show your abilities rather than talk about them.  Our idea is relatively simple.   Anyone can write an impressive resume but not everyone can prove those skills before they walk in the door for the interview.
If you really think about it very few positions require you to show past projects with the exception of the advertising and scientific communities.  With an ever increasingly competitive job market wouldn’t you want an easy way to distinguish yourself from the other person?  Think about it, you apply for an open position as do a hundred other people.  Your resume is then parsed by key words, relevant work experience, years of experience, etc.  And you end up where on the list?  How well did your resume stack up to the other hundred people applying for that job?  Are you going to get “the call”?
So, after applying for this position what do you do?  You apply for another then another and you spend half the day looking at job postings and clicking apply now with a cover letter that is tweaked for each individual company.  It’s called the shotgun approach and until now it was the norm. 
Testing yourself when uploading a resume to our site allows you to show HR professionals and hiring managers what you know before they even look at your resume.  What this does is allows you to get an honest assessment of your skills without having worry about getting a look based on your resume writing skills.  Does this mean you can write a bad resume?   No, but it does mean you can separate yourself from the pack before they look at your resume and increase your chances of getting “the call”.

When is the right time to change jobs?

For some people when asked this question it is anytime others are more apprehensive about entering the open market when the economy is still sagging.  To put things in perspective when I landed a job in 1998 with a telecom provider my grandma said to me “Work hard and you’ll move up the ladder and in 30 years you’ll be the boss.”  Well, that statement certainly shows how things have changed in both the mindset of the generations and the realities in the job market.
Twenty years ago if you changed jobs more than every five years you were considered a bad hire, today people change jobs more often than they change cell phone providers.  Some experts believe that the average worker will change careers, yes careers not just jobs but careers, three times in their professional life.  With this proclivity to switch jobs it still creates a time of high stress to switch jobs even if you are looking while you’re still employed.  
If you decide to make a change you need to ask yourself some very important questions.  Is it worth it?  Every job no matter how great they are has some drawbacks and tasks that you may or may not like.  There is no such thing as the “perfect” job no matter what you think.  Why am I considering a change?  It seems like a rather mundane and obvious question but one you must answer to yourself honestly.  Does your job suck because of you?  Are you the reason for the differences between your boss, the low pay and poor work environment?
Ok now where done with the introspective exercises.  Let’s be honest your job sucks because your boss is a tyrant, the company treats its employees like crap and you deserve more money.   The answer to the initial question is anytime is the right time to change jobs.  If companies are looking and you have the skills you have a chance of landing the job that takes you to the promise land. 
In order to make your next job less stressful look at some outside tangibles that will affect your view of your next job or a simple checklist for your current job.
1.        Management- Can you see yourself working with this manger.  You will inevitably interview with your direct manager.  Interview that manger when they are interviewing you.  More people leave their jobs due to bad managers than any other reason.  If red flags are raised in your mind LISTEN TO YOURSELF!
2.       Commute- Traffic sucks.  If your drive to work take an hour each way and sitting in traffic puts you in a bad mood it will spill over into other aspects of your life.
3.       Satisfaction-  Do you wake up every morning and want to be there….ummm probably not but shoot for an 85%-90% number.  No one wants to go to work every day but are you happy, is the job challenging and can you honestly say “I love my company”  without sounding like you just drank a bucket of corporate kool aid.
4.       Appreciation- Are you getting the good jobs when deserved?  Do you think this manager or direct report will gives those out when necessary.  It seems a bit narcissistic to be looking for accolades before you start a job but you are only looking for the possibility that they will recognize good work and talent.
5.       Last but not least MONEY- are you compensated well or does this position bring the amount of pay you are worth.  Some things on the list might be worth more than money.  The opportunity to work with an innovative manager or organization, they opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a start up, closer commute (with gas prices around $3.30 a gallon this is worth money in its own right).
All in all it really depends on what makes you comfortable in timing a job change.  It is important that when you change positions that you don’t end up screwing yourself and end up some place worse than you were.  Just make sure to do your homework, Interview your manager and make the decision that works best for you not every else around you.  Happy Hunting!